Family Classes

Music class for kids

We are delighted to be offering families COVID safe Music and Movement group classes. These classes are for children aged between 0 and 5 years and involve attendance with a loved adult.


Music & Movement

Family classes are for children and a loving adult. They offer a nurturing environment where children stimulate their musical intelligence in conjunction with social, emotional, bodily-kinesthetic and linguistic intelligence. Foundations of beat, pitch, dynamics, tempo and form are delivered in a structured but adaptable and friendly environment.

In the classroom you will experience:

  • Early Childhood and Music qualified educator, Louise Lindsay leading each session
  • Live instruments and singing
  • Engaging play-based learning
  • Tactile props to enhance meaningful storytelling
  • Sensory experiences
  • A variety of instruments to play
  • Puppetry
  • Dance and free movement
  • An opportunity to bond with your loved one
  • An introduction to musical concepts 
  • Strong foundational learning of beat and pitch
  • Ideas and inspiration for musical play at home

What makes our classes so unique?

Our curriculum is ever-evolving and most importantly adaptable on the spot. Louise uses only live instrumentation and singing (no recordings here!), which gives her the flexibility to provide a child-led learning environment. There is an emphasis on play and developing the whole child, not just their musicality. Louise strives to inspire, engage, challenge and empower adults and children to be confident and involved learners who feel comfortable in their own creativity.

Louise’s philosophy is inspired by the Kodàly and Orff approach to music education. Our singing voice is our very first instrument and we feel music through our body.  Our main focus in each lesson is healthy vocal exploration and feeling beat and rhythm through our body. 

Want to try before making a full-term commitment?

Trial classes are $25.
We release trial classes the week of each class. Contact us for availability.

Gumnut music is inventive, keeps the kids engaged and there is never a dull moment. Often I catch the kids humming and singing songs they have learnt at home too. Highly recommend Louise and her team!

June – mother of Ellie, Kara and Phillip

Questions? Sing out!

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Just contact us below.