Connect with your baby, support brain development and master musical play.

All in under two hours!

Louise is an award winning Early Years Educator in Australia who is dedicated to helping parents Master Musical Play.

This course is here to help parents (and educators!) unlock the brain-boosting power of music education by providing a simple approach that is rooted in scientific research and 15 years of industry experience.


Learn the science behind music education and the techniques that will boost learning and promote a stronger bond between you and your baby.

Songs & Rhymes

Learn engaging songs, rhymes and play tips that are designed to facilitate deeper learning and connection between you and your baby.


Learn melodies to popular children’s books so that you can vary their learning potential in fun and exciting ways for both you and your baby.

I am here to help you use music to connect with your baby, all whilst nurturing their earliest development.

I’m Louise, a Bachelor Qualified Musician and Early Years teacher with two (babies) under 3.5 years.

I know you’re invested in your child’s development, but I also know you’re busy. Believe me, I’ve been there and still am. That’s why I have made this course as simple and to the point as possible – without compromising on quality!

My goal is to have you walk away inspired and informed with actionable steps to follow. I have taken what I’ve learned across 15 years of study and industry experience and packaged it into this short and easy-to-action course that truly will help you master musical play.

Make daily routines fun!

Learn to implement organic music making into your daily routine to help baby thrive, learn and grown.

This course will give you:

  • The how and why of early years music education
  • The skills to connect with your baby while engaging them in brain-boosting play
  • Pre-recorded instructional videos
  • A baby play checklist
  • NeuroMusic research
  • A lyrics sheet with play tips
  • Melodies to popular children’s books
  • Limited access to the Gumnut Music TV subscription

“Music programs can literally remodel children’s brains.”

- Nina Kraus of Northwestern University

Let us teach you how it’s done with:

• An easy to follow checklist
• Tips and tricks
• Video tutorials
• Real-life examples

Musical Play is changing the lives of parents.

“Wow, I have learnt so much. Louise just continually drops little knowledge bombs. An absolute asset to any parent!”

– Georgina

“This baby course is amazing! It has so many songs that I have learned how to sing and play with my little boy. It’s great to have a resource like this to learn how to help my bubs development in a really fun and engaging way.”

– Colette

I am blown away. Louise has done an incredible job!

– Jess

Course overview

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  • Introduction


  • Course Overview

Your Why

  • NeuroMusic
  • Music Making Checklist
  • Music for Transitions

Songs & Rhymes

  • 17 Songs and Rhymes with actions.


  • 6 Songbooks (3 traditonal/3 non-traditional) with melodies.

What Next?

  • Approaching the Toddler
  • What to Look for in a Music & Movement Program

A Look at GM TV

  • Sample videos from within GM TV


  • Baby Play Lyric Sheet
  • Baby Play Checklist


  • Happy Music Making

What you get when you sign up.


Rhymes and Songs with lyrics


Downloadable guides for play time
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World wide access on mobile
Self passed learning

Frquently asked questions.

My baby hasn't arrived yet. Can I still purchase?

Once purchased, you have lifetime access.

How long is the course?

I know you are time-poor. I respect your time.

You can complete this course in less than 2 hours. Mastering the play however, will come with practice, repetition and a whole lot of fun with your baby!

I do not live in Australia. Can I purchase this course?


After you have purchased, you will have access to log into Gumnut Music online. From there you can access your course anywhere, anytime.

Can I buy the course as a gift?

Absolutely! You have lifetime access once you purchase so you can buy ahead of time or on the day. You can manage your account details from our online learning dashboard.

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