Instrumental Studies

Smaller Group Classes

We are delighted to be offering families COVID safe Instrumental group classes. These classes are for children aged 3 – 5 years and run for 40 minutes with places limited to four children.

Music teacher holds an ukulele out to a young blonde girl

Instrumental Studies (3-5 years)

Instrumental studies classes are taught in our home studio with small class sizes of only four children. They are student and teacher-only classes but a guardian is welcome to stay if children need support. These classes offer a nurturing environment where children study foundational music concepts through hands-on learning featuring the ukulele, keyboard, singing voice and a range of other instruments. These classes will expose students to a range of musical instruments they may like to learn in the future. The musical concepts presented in these classes set students up for success when and if they choose to take on formal study afterwards. 

In the classroom children will:

  • Be taught by a music-qualified educator
  • Explore a variety of instruments and their singing voice
  • Engage in play-based learning
  • Learn to play the ukulele 
  • Learn to play the keyboard
  • Learn healthy vocal technique
  • Explore dance and free movement
  • Learn foundational musical concepts
  • Be introduced to solfége singing: do, re, me
  • Learn to read, write and play basic rhythms
  • Be provided with the occasional worksheet to explore at home

What makes our classes so unique?

Our curriculum is ever-evolving and most importantly adaptable on the spot. Louise uses only live instrumentation and singing (no recordings here!), which gives her the flexibility to provide a child-led learning environment. There is an emphasis on play and collaborative learning, we’re interested in developing the whole child, not just their musicality. Louise strives to inspire, engage, challenge and empower her students to be confident and involved learners who feel comfortable in their own creativity.

Questions? Sing out!

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Just contact us below.