Instrumental Classes

Focused Instrumental Studies

We are delighted to be offering families COVID safe Instrumental group classes for term four. These classes are for children aged 4 – 5 years and run for 45 minutes.

Music teacher holds an ukulele out to a young blonde girl

Instrumental Studies

Using the foundations of our music and music program, children begin exploring a range of instrumental studies including the voice, ukulele and piano. We explore ensemble playing with elements such as soloing, improvisation and creating soundscapes. Fostering confident tuneful singing is a big focus for this age group.

In the classroom you will experience:

  • Bachelor qualified musicians delivering each class
  • Live instruments and singing
  • Engaging play-based learning
  • Tactile props to enhance meaningful storytelling
  • Focused instrumental learning
  • Puppetry
  • Dance and free movement

Terms and Conditions

Instrumental Studies (4-5 years)

Gumnut Music Studio – Millewa Avenue, Malvern East

  1. There may only be 5 in the studio at one time (including the educator). This means that our classes will be teacher and students only.
  2. Parents and guardians are not permitted in the studio or waiting room. You may, however, wait on our front porch in the open air.
  3. The educator will be required to teach wearing a face mask. Children do not require masks.
  4. As always, resources will be cleaned between use.
  5. Full-term bookings only.

Questions? Sing out!

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Just contact us below.