Instrumental Lessons

Voice Tuition

I am often asked: ‘At what age should my child start singing lessons?’ Truthfully, this is dependant on your teacher. It is a well-debated topic in music education especially with concerns surrounding vocal health. I believe that with the right teacher and guidance a child can start singing lessons at any age. Currently, my youngest vocal students are three years old. With a background in early childhood, Gumnut music has a diverse bag of tricks to help little ones become confident and involved voice students. Lessons are play-based and provide children with the resources and direction needed to participate in healthy vocal exploration and study.

Older students also benefit greatly from a fun and relaxed approach to learning. The more a child is laughing and engaged during their lessons, the more learning they will retain. Vocal education has many benefits including aiding in literacy development, releasing stored muscle tension, reducing stress, improving one’s mood, boosting the immune system, improving breathing and empowering children with a foundation in the musical language.


Guitar Tuition

Gumnut Music provides guitar lessons for all ages in the comfort of your home. Lessons are individually tailored to your child’s ability and goals, with fun and enjoyment being our main focus! Whether you are looking to learn for leisure or to reach an AMAB grade, we can help you!