Six ways these cards promote learning:

  1. Studying rhyme encourages phonological awareness, a key element of language development.
  2. Spontaneous improvisation challenges the mind to quickly form ideas. This skill of turning an unplanned idea into an opportunity has widespread benefits including decision-making abilities, confidence and performance skills.
  3. We’re engaging our imagination which stimulates creativity and innovative thinking. If you can imagine, you can dream and that ignites passion.
  4. Echo songs are an effective music education format. Modelling phrases that children then recall back improves the auditory feedback loop which is vital for self-correction.
  5. The simplicity of an echo format is accessible for all. When explored in a group setting this song fosters community through shared experience.
  6. It’s fun! Children learn best when they’re engaged. If you can have children laughing while they learn you help foster a healthy relationship with education.

Video by The Musical Mum


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