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Homemade Windchime

Up for an easy DIY wind chime? This is the perfect fine motor craft with an in-built threading activity. These types of early years activities help our children with their reading and writing skills later in life. Baby O also shows us that the DIY provides a lovely sensory batting play. What you’ll need: A stick …

Homemade Shaker

Up for an easy DIY shaker? Not long after making these shakers, E and I discovered that they make the PERFECT jellyfish for the song Three Jellyfish. Play along with us here. What you’ll need Toilet paper rolls  Wrapping paper  Stapler  Rice and/or pasta  Ribbon or streamers  Glue  Scissors 

Homemade French Horn

Here is a simple DIY. All you’ll need is a piece of hose, a funnel and some duct tape. The Homemade French Horn is excellent for helping your child focus on producing deep and sustained breaths. E and I turned our play into a melodic recognition game. Try it with your own little one as…

Homemade Wrist Bell

Wrist Bells are a wonderful movement instrument. They are the perfect accompaniment for those big gross motor movements or a focused action song. A fundamental principle of the Orff Scheulwerk Approach to music education is that children learn best when they play, dance, create and improvise music. These bells embody those principles by providing children…

Homemade Tambourine

All you need is some cardboard, string and bells and you’re on your way to making a tambourine. I love the gentle sound the bells make. Could you design other shapes?  What you’ll need Cardboard String Bells Scissors Paint & Paint Brush Pen (to poke holes)

Homemade Monkey Drum

What you’ll need Used ribbon wheel Tape for decorating Pencil or stick Hot glue gun String Beads or buttons Scissors

Homemade Dancing Ribbon


Homemade Drums


Homemade Ukulele


Homemade Castanets