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Here is the Beehive

This rhyme has many great things going for it:  It’s curious and imaginative, so it keeps young ones engaged and attentive.  It demonstrates one-to-one correspondence when teaching numbers.  It’s tactile. The tickle at the end promotes closeness and bonding between the adult and child.  Let’s discuss point two. One-to-one correspondence happens when a value is…

The Dog Says, “Bow Wow”

This finger rhyme promotes language development, memory building, parent and child bonding and is sure to bring laugher and smiles as you gently pinch your little ones pinky finger with an “OW!” Lyrics The dog says, “Bow wow.”The cow says, “Moo, moo.”The lamb says, “Baa, baa.”The duck says, “Quack, quack.”And the kitty cat says, Mee-OW.”…

Windy Path

What to bring: Lyrics: I have a special winding path, that winds it’s way round me.Starting at my chin, it winds down to my knee.Up and round my tummy, it tickles as it goes,Up to my eyes and my nose, and Weeeeeeeee… down to my toes. Here is a lovely tickle rhyme to encourage adult…

This Little Piggy


Incey Wincey Spider

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